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Valentine Envelope Holder craft tutorial

Valentine Envelope Holder craft tutorial

Valentine’s day is always such a fun crafting holiday. Make this sweet envelope to decorate or hold a special Valentine gift for your sweetheart ♥

White Kraft-Tex
Pink fabric scraps
3/8″-wide red satin ribbon
Pink rick rack
Fusible web
Hole punch
Plastic yarn needle
Large bowl or plate (sample was made with a 12″ diameter bowl)
Heart template


Cutting Instructions
1. Trace around the large plate or bowl to draw a circle onto the Kraft-Tex and cut it out.

2. Find and mark the center diameter line of the circle.

3. Mark 3/4″ down from that line and draw a line parallel to center line, 1 3/4″ long.

4. Draw another line, perpendicular to the first, about 3 1/8″ long.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 for the other side.
6. Cut along the lines.

7. Use a ruler and paper scoring tool (I used a corner turning tool) to make crease lines for folding at the bottom and sides, aligning the ruler with the cut out sections.

1. Use a template or small cookie cutter to draw hearts (about 1″ hearts)  onto the paper side of the fusible web.

2. Fuse the fusible web to the wrong side of the pink fabric.

3. Cut out the heart shape and fuse the appliqué hearts to the front of the envelope, as shown.

4. Use a spool to draw a circle onto the fusible web and repeat steps 2-3 for the center circle.

Sewing Instructions
1. Sew the rick rack to the rounded edge of the Kraft-Tex. Use fabric glue or Wonder Tape to hold the rick rack in place. Trim any excess rick rack.

2. Fold the Kraft-Tex into the envelope shape and sew the sides.


1. Measure and mark where the holes for the decorative stitches will be: 1/4″ in from the side. Mark the first hole at 1/4″ from the bottom, the 2nd hole 1/2″ up from the first hole. The 3rd hole 1/4″ from the second and the 4th hole 1/2″ from the 3rd hole, and so on, making the stitches on the front side longer than on the under side.

2. Use a heavy-duty hole punch, such as the Martha Stewart Screw Punch shown, to punch holes along the sides.

3. Use a plastic yarn needle to thread the satin ribbon through the holes on one side and repeat on the other side.

4. Punch holes in the top, along the envelope back, and thread the ribbon through to the front. Tie ribbons together into a knot and then a bow.

Fill with candy, treats, or valentines.

I created this project using cardstock (omitting the rickrack and machine stitching steps) for a class I taught a couple weekends ago. I use a paper punch to cut out many different hearts and let them design their own, gluing the hearts onto the cardstock and hand sewing the sides together. It was fun and the students’ projects all looked really cute!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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