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New! Beginning Sewing Program for Kids

New! Beginning Sewing Program for Kids

I’m very excited to announce my Beginning Sewing Program is now available for purchase in a 13-class format. It’s back from the printer and shipping! It’s basically a sewing program in a box (just add students!)–taking all the planning and work out of teaching kids sewing classes.

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With the DIY movement in full force, there is a high demand for kids’ sewing classes. When first asked to teach simple sewing projects to kids for a local fabric shop back in 2009, I found that students were unprepared to take simple project classes. Much of the class time was spent trying to quickly teach students how to operate the machine and explaining simple sewing techniques. This can create frustration in both teachers and students, and ultimately is not a positive first sewing experience. I found this problem was wide-spread among quilt shops.

In response, I created a beginning program and student workbook that teaches kids all the basics in a kid-friendly, hands-on way. The program is easy for teachers to use and provides kids with a solid foundation in sewing.

The program has a user-friendly format. This program provides the necessary foundation in basic sewing skills and equipment usage for kids of all ages, while keeping them engaged through a series of fun and easy-to-complete projects.

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13 class plans are included in this curriculum, for over 45 hours of class time to teach.  It pays for itself in one or two lessons. It offers flexible scheduling options, such as summer camps or weekly classes. Since it’s designed for 7-14 year old students, you can easily teach it year after year.

Scheduling Class pages of Teacher's manual

The program is designed to teach children correct sewing techniques from the beginning. The program begins with teaching how to thread and operate a sewing machine and simple sewing techniques, as students make samples for their Seams and Samples Workbooks. The Student Workbook provides classroom structure, a hands-on method for learning the sewing basics, using a familiar teaching tool found in many classrooms, which makes teaching from the beginning simple for teachers.

The student workbook will set your program apart from all the rest!

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The program then progresses through 12 great beginner projects, divided into 3½ hour lessons. Parents are amazed at what their children can do in just a few lessons. The 12 kid-friendly projects have already been sewn by over a hundred kids–this is exactly what I’ve taught for years.

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Have you ever wanted to start teaching sewing to kids, but unsure where to begin? How to get started? How to approach a quilt shop with a class proposal? This will get you teaching right away. Quilt shops have always been very impressed with my program and I’ve had many students travel for over an hour just to take my beginning classes. This program is all you need to develop a successful beginning sewing program.

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