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Pressing Hems and Casings: DIY Ez-Hem pressing guide

Pressing Hems and Casings: DIY Ez-Hem pressing guide

I love my EZ-Hem–did you know it used to be spelled EZY-Hem? And that credit was given to Edna Bryte Bishop? And that it used to cost only $1.25? Fun facts I found out when I chanced upon this great find at my local thrift shop:
vintage Ezy-Hem Avery Lane Blog

As stated, I do love my Ez-Hem, but find it is not a good tool for kids to use. It gets hot while in use and they can’t hold it without possibly burning their finger tips. When I’m teaching kids sewing classes, I like to bring my handmade pressing guides. These are much easier for the kids to use (no more burned finger tips).

They are super easy to make. I use file folders, but any card stock will work well. Make sure its edge is straight. Cut with a rotary cutter and straight edge if needed.
pressing guide diy

Use a clear straight edge to mark folding lines.
HandMade EZ-hem

make  pressing guides

In the class I will be teaching, the kids will need to press the casing 3/4 inch, which the EZ-Hem doesn’t have this measurement marked anyway. So I made one specifically for the class I am teaching:
hand made pressing guide

To use the pressing guide, place the card stock on the wrong side of the fabric, fold over the fabric to the pressing line needed, and press it with the iron.

**Make sure you supervise kids while they are using the iron. I have never had the card stock start to brown or burn, but it’s important to be cautious.**

how to use pressing guide to press hems or casings

how to use pressing guide to press hems or casings



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