The Only Quilting Book a Beginner Needs

I own a lot of sewing and quilting books. In my opinion, the internet will never replace books in value and worth. I love holding a book in my hand. They look great on my book shelf. Most importantly, I can refer to them whenever I want, take them with me to the soccer field […]

Book Review: Color Play

I recently picked up a copy of the color theory book, Color Play, written by Joen Wolfrom, and am very impressed. I have her Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool (C&T Publishing), and have found numerous uses for it. I love having it with me at the quilt shop, and use it in the sewing room all […]

Book Review: Quilter’s Color Scheme Bible

I’ve finally had a chance to read this book, The Quilter’s Color Scheme Bible, by Celia Eddy, from cover to cover and I am so glad I did. Originally, I bought it as an inspiration book, a book to pull out and glance at when I want ideas for color combinations.   The book is […]

Book Review: Free-Motion Quilting

After looking through books on free-motion quilting, I decided on Angela Walters’ book: Free-Motion Quilting. I’m not new to sewing or to sewing quilts. I usually stitch in the ditch or do some straight stitching next to the seams, outline stitching. I’ve always  loved the look of free-motion quilting. I’ve never actually tried it and […]

Handmade Holidays and Mug Rug Book review

As I’ve said before, I love handmade holidays. I’ve been baking and sewing like a demon for weeks. My husband told me that my quilting gloves look like they could be part of a super villain costume : The Mad Quilter. In the kitchen: Baking cookies,  making fudge and peppermint bark, our house smells delicious. […]


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