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New Story Book Dress Pattern for 18 inch Dolls

New Story Book Dress Pattern for 18 inch Dolls

A new doll clothes pattern for American Girl Dolls (18″ dolls) listed in my Etsy shop. Click here to purchase on Etsy.

Dramatic play and creativity is fostered more by handmade toys and non-brand specific toys. At least that’s what one study found. It has to do with the child’s imagination and it not being limited to the pre-determined script.  When the story line goes beyond the written page of a book or the lines spoken by the Disney character in a movie, then the child is using her imagination. Helping her to write her own story to act out helps her be creative and tap into her imagination! Cool.

My daughter has this story book. I found it at an antique shop when she was in preschool and fell in love with it. The drawings are so unique and the stories really old and traditional. She loved that book, looking at it for hours, reading it over and over as a Kindergartner. Recently, we re-discovered it among our books on the bookshelf. Her eyes shined as she looked through it–it was a great moment, it felt as if she was seeing a special childhood friend again after many years of being apart.

These dresses were inspired by those illustrations and my daughter’s love for the storybook characters. They could become so many different characters or even a character your child or grandchild makes up herself!  Maybe you will love them as much as we do. Maybe this pattern will help you create a heart-felt, handmade holiday for a special little one in your life.

The PDF doll clothes pattern is available for immediate download in my Etsy shop now.

Little Red Riding Hood inspired.

Little Miss Muffet? Little Bo Peep? Briar Rose? Who else might she be wearing this dress?

With such pretty details: growth pleats, ruffle and lace on the sleeves.

Hensel and Gretel? The miller’s daughter? Views A and C have a vintage feel, ideal for Felicity or Addy.

View C has bubble sleeves and could be made plain or embellished. I still can’t decide which version I like better.

The back a slightly scooped neckline as well.

Pantaloons pattern is also included.


Happy Sewing!



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