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Tutorial: Leggings for Dolls

Tutorial: Leggings for Dolls

Remember the tights I re-worked for less stretchy socks? You can see my sewing tutorial for  18 inch doll sweater tights here

Well, I was asked how to use socks to make leggings and now I have an answer.

How to make Sweater Leggings for 18 inch dolls

You’ll need:

1 pair of adult knee high socks

Stretch or ball point machine needle

You start out a little like the other tutorial:

Doll Tights Free Tutorial

Step 1

Make a line 4″ from upper edge. Then a line at the 10″ point from the top edge (8 1/2-9″ for mid-calf length.

Then draw a line to connect the 2 other lines that is 1 1/2″ away from the edge.  A strange “S” shape or backward z?


AG Doll Leggings Tutorial

Step 2

Pin just inside the lines to keep the socks together while working with them. Cut right next to the lines, being careful not to cut into any pins.

AG Doll Leggings Tutorial3

Step 3

Fold the lower edge over toward the wrong side of the socks and pin. Sew across the lower edge with a wide zigzag stitch (or use a stretch twin needle).

AG Doll Leggings Tutorial4

AG Doll Leggings Tutorial5

Step 4

Re-pin the other areas in order to sew it. Sew the crotch and legs together with a narrow zigzag stitch, keeping hems even.


AG Doll Leggings Tutorial6

AG Doll Leggings Tutorial7

Step 5

Cut the center front and center back sections open, from the stitching line to upper edge.

AG Doll Leggings Tutorial8

Step 6

Turn 1 sock right side out.

AG Doll Leggings Tutorial9

Put it into the other sock and align the crotch, center front, and center backs together. Pin and sew together using a narrow zigzag stitch.

AG Doll Leggings Tutorial10

AG Doll Leggings Tutorial11

Step 7

Turn it right side out and see the leggings you just made!

AG Doll Leggings Tutorial12

AG Doll Leggings Tutorial14


Easy-peasy, huh?! I just love these! It’s so fast and makes a fun accessory to so many outfits!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and keep visiting for more great doll stuff! If you try it, please let me know how it worked out for you 🙂  Click “Follow in the lower right hand corner to sign up to get new blog posts delivered to your email.

My doll is wearing her Lindsay skirt, which looks so trendy with her sweater leggings. The pattern can be found here

Happy Sewing!



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