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Spring Quilt Market

I’m so glad to back home from my trip to Pittsburgh and Spring Quilt Market. It was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.

I wasn’t sure I’d fit in, not being a quilter or famous fabric designer and all. I don’t own a quilt shop either, which I soon felt the need to disclose to booths as they offered me paperwork.   But I quickly felt  right at home. It was so inspiring to see all the quilts, clothing, and creative displays of all the booths.  I loved chatting with so many talented and creative people.

qm signage

Almost as soon as I got there, I walked the floor during set-up time and met up with many who helped and worked with me through the process of getting my book to print. It’s great to have faces to place with names. qm set up


Then it was Sample Spree. I had no idea what that was going to be like. I didn’t get there hours early and was not in a rush to get in first (I heard many ran in as the doors opened and a booth sold out in 10 minutes). I had no idea.  I was just happy being ignorant of all that and see all the fabric deals.

quilt market spree

I bought some patterns for simple quilts for me and some for my 4-H co-leader. I bought an adorable fabric bundle for my daughter–it has cats on it and she’s excited to use it to make a sweet quilt project for her next year’s 4-H quilt project for fair. I can’t wait to see it 🙂

quilt market cats

It was very crowded, but fun. There were booths that were too crowded to get close enough to see what they had. I picked up some fabric bundles and this cool gadget called a Pin Pal (1 for me and 1 for my daughter).

Spring Quilt Market Sample Spree and new fabric collections

Spring Quilt Market Pin Pals

The next day the market opened. Here are just some of the amazing booths.

quilt market 330

quilt market  Red Rooster
Terri Degenkolb of Whimsicals for Red Rooster Fabrics

quilt market 125

quilt market 13
Blend Fabrics

quilt market 50

quilt market 43


quilt market 12

Quilt market 33

quilt market 41

quilt market 18

quilt market 7


quilt market 2

quilt market 10

quilt market 11
Keepsake Quilting



quilt market 49
Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery

Some new  fabric designers:This booth was one of my favorites–I was drawn to it. And I just loved this:

quilt Market Spring 2014 a

quilt Market spring 2014


quilt market 37
Cotton + Steel

quilt market 38


So many clever ways to display fabric and get noticed.

quilt 45
RJR Fabrics

quilt market RJR

Quilt Market 2014 a
Frances Newcombe’s Cherie for Art Gallery

Spring quilt market 2014 b

Spring Quilt Market 2014 c


quilt market 29
Ruffle Fabric

So many quilts

quilt market 36
Art Gallery


quilt market 20

quilt market 16

spring quilt market

Some knit fabrics ♥

quilt market 46


and lots of quilts! Some looked like paintings, until I got  close-up.

quilt market 8

quilt market 9

Some booths had cool 3-D effects!

quilt market 3

quilt market 58

quilt market 59



Or history lessons about fashion and trends…

quilt market Andover


Owls were all over the place.

quilt market 27

quilt market 26

quilt market 24
Cherry Blossoms


quilt market 57

quilt market  25

Even in suiting fabrics…

quilt market 56

There was a toy shop

quilt market 6

and a gift shop.

quilt market 5

Great people to meetquilt market 21

quilt maket

quilt market 34

Dear Stella Booth quilt Market

Quilt Market Spring 2014 d


Fun things to do

quilt market4

Mad Libs at the QUilt Market


quilt market wee onesSoak was there painting nails…

quilt market 39



I didn’t have my nails painted, but I did buy some nail polish for my girls. My older daughter is so excited that they match fabric lines, and already requested a skirt using a coordinating Sandi Henderson floral print.


quilt market 42


Of course, my book was there in the C&T booth…

quilt market 19


My Book at Spring Quilt Market

I was pretty overwhelmed with the whole experience, but really glad I went.





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